Dialogflow CX Website Chatbot rich custom web chat UI

Dialogflow web chat custom UI in a few clicks, fast & affordable. Best-in-class SaaS for enterprise chatbots built on Google Dialogflow.

Your Dialogflow CX agent needs a smart frontend UI for Dialogflow web chat.

Dialogflow and Botcopy website chatbots for Real Estate

Not all chatbots are created equal — but a Google Dialogflow and Botcopy stack can lead to a chatbot that checks all the boxes.

Amazon Lex Web Chat — AI-Powered Chatbots for Websites

No more janky front ends for Amazon Lex website chatbots! Botcopy’s gearing up with a new release that can connect an Amazon Lex agent to a rich custom website chatbot in just a few clicks.

At Botcopy, we believe an Amazon Lex web chat UI needs to be rich, custom, and easy to build.

Botcopy Bot Launch Program for Dialogflow Web Chat

Are you thinking of doing all the heavy lifting for your Dialogflow website chatbot?

You might want to ask for help.

The feature is now live for all Botcopy users! Get the payload and instructions at Botcopy.com/docs

Why it matters

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Space limited to 15 attendees. Reserve now.

  • Take info and store or send it
  • Pull dynamic data and serve it up to end users, personalizing the experience
  • Handle advanced tasks that bring automation deeper into your operations

Customer service automation with Google and Botcopy

Riot Games tests Dialogflow and Botcopy stack against Amazon Lex. Google and Botcopy win hands down, and now Riot’s new chatbot deflects 14% of escalations within the first months of deployment.

“We love working with Botcopy; it’s been awesome testing with Botcopy versus Amazon, especially during prototyping. Within three months of working with Botcopy, we determined that the project is worth investing in using Google. With Amazon, we had to build the UI, and it was really janky.”

— Rai Medeiros, Product Manager, Riot Games

Enterprise chatbots for advanced automation

With the Botcopy/Google stack, enterprise chatbots can now authenticate users by passing a JSON Web Token (JWT), multiplying your bot’s skills, and reducing operational expenses.

Thanks for being part of our journey, and for letting us be part of yours. Wishing you joy & prosperity in the days and years ahead.

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As we go into the holidays, we at Botcopy wish you health, a sense of gratitude, and lots of love.

“Wait, so you write chatbots?”


“You program the machine learning?“


“Fine, whatever, let’s eat.”

Here’s why Botcopy is hard to explain to some people.

Rob Lubow

Cofounder @ Botcopy, a SaaS that connects Google Cloud Dialogflow to a whip-smart web chat that’s quickly becoming the UI of choice for enterprises worldwide.

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